The symbol of Taiwan Excellence is recognised by more than 100 countries around the world


Taiwan Excellence is a standards organisation that assesses eligible Taiwanese products, and only those that pass its stringent tests are eligible to carry the symbol of excellence. These innovative tech brands then go on to receive significant recognition from all over the world. These include products that cater to gamers, creators, families, students and professionals. Taiwan Excellence is a mark of excellence which was initiated by the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1992. Nijhum Rudra spoke to Alex Pen, director, TAITRA, about how Taiwan Excellence could boost the Indian electronics and accessories market.

EB: Can you define the role of Taiwan Excellence and is TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) associated with it?
The symbol of Taiwan Excellence is recognised by more than 100 countries around the world. This makes it easy for the recipient brand to gain credibility in a new or existing market. TAITRA is a facilitator body that provides knowledge, resources in terms of channel partners, networks and market know-how. It has continuously issued products that have the potential to dramatically improve people’s work and everyday lives – not just in Taiwan, but globally. It is jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organisations, TAITRA assists Taiwanese businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets.

EB: Do explain how a platform like Taiwan Excellence could boost the Indian electronics and accessories market.
In recent years, it has been noticed that the market is flooded with cheap electronic products from certain manufacturers. There are constant complaints from consumers about the reliability of products. Consumer trust in these brands has dropped due to certain bad experiences. A lot of uncertified one-time use products are doing enough harm to both the market and the industry, as they don’t have any role to play in the long term. This is where Taiwan Excellence steps in with its mark of reliability. The TE symbol is on only the best quality electronic goods. These products go through a rigorous process, after which they are certified with the mark of excellence.

A platform like Taiwan Excellence honours the most innovative products. The introduction of such products in a growing market like India inspires people to include innovation and quality in their products and, hence, helps in boosting the local electronics and accessories market and, similarly, in over 100 countries.


EB: Currently, how would you rate the trade relations between India and Taiwan, particularly with regard to electronics, and what are your expectations from this business partnership in the coming five to ten years?
Taiwan has entered India as a potential business destination for its technology, automobile and renewable energy sectors. India is among the most important markets, as its citizens are turning to technology sectors every day. Taiwan’s southbound policy focuses on strengthening ties in the areas of technology, auto and trade with 18 Southeast and South Asian countries. Over the years, India has shown keenness to expand economic and socio-cultural ties with Taiwan. TAITRA set up four new trade offices in India last year—in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai to conduct trade with Asia’s third-biggest economy.

Trade between the two countries is likely to be to the tune of billions of rupees over the next few years. Helping that trade will be about 120 Taiwanese information and communications technology firms, which are setting up operations in India’s southern technology hub in Bengaluru.

EB: Can you highlight some of your recent initiatives in India, which you think could be game changers? What are the marketing strategies that help you stay ahead of the curve?
This year, we associated with the reputed Vibrant Gujarat platform and showcased an outstanding range of our most innovative products, each one of them featuring the latest technology in the market. Taiwan is already known for its technology, and Vibrant Gujarat provided it with an excellent chance to leverage its expertise for the development of Gujarat. This was the first time Taiwan Excellence reiterated its eagerness to join hands with Gujarat based companies and work in close tandem with the Gujarat government to make the most of the conducive business environment in the state.

Not only did we market ourselves in Gujarat but in Mumbai as well at the St Xavier’s college fest, Malhar, in order to connect with the youth of India. As it is one of Mumbai’s oldest and most iconic college fests, it offered a wide range of events and performances as well. Apart from this, Taiwan Excellence hosted its landmark annual gaming event, the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC), across six cities including Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. This is a highly attended event by gamers across the country, and participation figures continue to rise every year.

With the aim of offering Indian youth first-hand experience with the best of technology, Taiwan Excellence sponsored the prestigious festival Rendezvous hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. Known for its burgeoning ICT industry, Taiwan is the world’s leading destination for world-class technology. Its gaming industry and technology offerings are superlative, making it the world’s ultimate gaming destination. Through events like Rendezvous, Taiwan Excellence has been making an effort to reach out to youngsters to give them a chance to lay their hands on the very best of technology. These events enable youngsters to see top-notch Taiwanese brands that include ADATA, Asus, Apacer, Cyber Power, D-Link, InWin, MSI, Silicon Power, Thermaltake, and Tokuyo showcase their cutting-edge product ranges.

EB: What is your roadmap for the coming years?
Currently, Taiwan Excellence looks at the Indian market as an important destination for trade and investment. The launch of Taiwan’s first expo in New Delhi on May 17, 2019, has opened up new opportunities for Taiwan Excellence in India. The Taiwan expo was a huge success and brought our products and services to the notice of the Indian business community. The event was like an announcement that said, “Here we are and we want to be a part of the Indian business ecosystem for the next 20-30 years.” We plan on organising such expos every year to keep in line with the competition and in sync with ongoing trends.



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