“Primarily, organisations should look at CSR as a commitment towards society”

K.N. Rammohan, chairman, Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term that covers the role of companies in the social and economic upliftment of the poor and disadvantaged. Apart from leading MNCs, small and medium scale businesses have also formed their own CSR policies to do their part in improving the lives of many. But why is CSR so crucial? In an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta of Electronics Bazaar, K.N. Rammohan, chairman, Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd, shares his views on why more and more companies should invest in CSR activities. He also talks of what Accurex is doing in this domain, and how the company is benefiting from it.

EB: How can organisations positively impact society via CSR?
Primarily, organisations should look at CSR as a commitment towards society. This will bring about the right kind of attitudinal change within society, at large. Everyone has an inner desire to help other human beings or animals, and even the environment. Through CSR activities, this innate desire to help is developed and makes everyone more responsive towards society.

EB: What can enterprises themselves learn from CSR activities?
An enterprise can learn a lot from its CSR activities. The promoters of the enterprise get a sense of fulfilment, as well as an enhanced sense of responsibility. It also helps in giving a company an important goal to achieve, apart from its regular business success parameters.

EB: How does CSR benefit enterprises?
It benefits the organisation immensely. First, the employees of the organisation feel they belong to a company that is different. Also, a team spirit slowly develops among employees, who learn to look out for each other when required. The internal relationships get strengthened. Apart from these positive behavioural traits, a service motive gets inculcated within the organisation, thereby helping to boost the morale of the employees. Lastly, employees will respect the promoters of the organisation a lot more for initiating such noble activities.


EB: What, according to you, are your firm’s three most impactful CSR activities?
As far as we at Accurex are concerned, we generally restrict ourselves to the following:

  • Infrastructure development for rural schools
  • Scholarships for the needy
  • Exercise book distribution and merit prizes for the top students in rural schools

EB: Tell us about your company’s CSR activities?
The following are some of the activities that have been successfully completed at Accurex:

  • Supply of computers to four rural schools
  • Exercise book distribution to four schools
  • Construction of cycle stands at two schools
  • Construction of class rooms at two schools
  • Construction of a library at one of the schools
  • Construction of an open air auditorium at one school
  • Contribution to a trust for the disabled, for the construction of a dormitory and class rooms
  • Contribution to an open air science park at one school
  • Construction of a children’s playground and supplying games equipment
  • Instituting merit scholarships in three rural schools
  • Awarding a large number of scholarships to needy students

EB: Are all your programmes organised in-house or are there any third party collaborations involved?
All the programmes I mentioned have been entirely arranged in-house. Sometimes our principals also want to join hands with us in serving this noble cause. At that time, we arrange separate programmes for them.

EB: What are your future CSR plans?
Going forward, we aim to implement two activities that are in the process of being developed. These are:

  • Construction of a hall with toilet facilities for pilgrims at the Sampige Srinivasa Temple in Karnataka
  • Building an open-air theatre for a school
    However, we have received a few more requests to construct class rooms. We have already started working on some of the requests and when completed, we will address the remaining requests.


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