“MEMS is a key pillar in IoT applications”


As a pioneer in the field of electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, STMicroelectronics is well placed to have a vision of the bright future of MEMS in India. In a conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, senior business journalist, Electronics Bazaar, Vishal Goyal, senior manager – technical marketing, analogue and MEMS group, RF, sensors and analogue custom products, India, ASEAN and ANZ – STMicroelectronics, shares his views on the current MEMS market.

EB: What is the current MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) market scenario and what are the changes that are expected to occur?
According to Gartner, MEMS based smart sensors are set to gain maximum traction in the worldwide smart sensor market, which is forecast to grow to US$ 57.77 billion by 2022 at 18.1 per cent CAGR. The market is driven by many factors including the rising need for energy-efficient devices, the growing consumer electronics sector, the surge in the global automotive industry, favourable government initiatives, and the growing trend of miniaturisation in sensors, even though there are concerns relating to security and surveillance.
MEMS in India is at its starting point and is a key pillar for IoT applications. MEMS sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes, as well as humidity and temperature sensors, are widely used in IoT applications. A few use cases include home automation, smart cities and smart industry.

EB: The IoT is a vast concept and covers a lot of segments. Which segments are you focused on?
Our IoT strategic focus addresses smart industry, smart homes, smart cities and smart things. Smart industry can bring about safer and more efficient manufacturing. The philosophy of the smart city is to share resources better. The smart home will improve our quality of life and our security. Smart things can result in innovative cost-saving solutions for healthcare.

EB: What is your view on the Indian MEMS industry’s growth?
STMicroelectronics has partnered with many Indian companies and has been working with some of them for two years. Their products are now being sold in Europe and USA.
Globally, STMicroelectronics has huge experience in the promotion of MEMS products and we also have had great success in embedded systems. We have created a kit, development tools and software that help to develop embedded systems with MEMS and the full portfolio of ST products.
In India, the growth in the demand for consumer electronic products, and the use of sensors in the automotive and medical segments, will ensure stable growth and the continuing expansion of the MEMS sensors market.


EB: Can you share some details about the role ST plays in the global market for MEMS?
ST is a leader in the innovation, production and application of sensors. The company has shipped 12 billion MEMS sensors, to date. This achievement reconfirms ST’s position as the clear leader in MEMS devices. ST is the only company to offer the full range of sensors and micro actuators.

EB: How is ST growing in India?
India is a land of opportunities and is emerging as a manufacturing hub. Our global customers are setting up design and manufacturing activities in India. This has opened up good opportunities for MEMS and sensors in India. We are seeing a lot of interest in MEMS, sensors and RF amongst the companies here.
We aim to develop new products out of our existing family of products, and we have invested heavily to consolidate our leadership position in this market. We are working in the automotive, industrial and IoT segments to expand and develop the MEMS market in India.



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