Latest reflow ovens and wave soldering systems come with higher thermal capabilities


SMT-solderingMay 19, 2015: Reflow ovens and wave soldering systems are amongst the fastest growing SMT equipment. Used for printed circuit board manufacturing, wave soldering systems have become more efficient due to higher thermal capabilities and horizontal convention (a patented technology). While reflow ovens, available in infrared and convection variants as well as vapour phase models, are now available with a higher number of different zones, wherein temperature can be controlled independently in each zone.


Model: Powerflow e N2 series, Brand: ERSA, Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa, Germany

Last updated in 2014, the Powerflow e N2 series is a compact full tunnel wave soldering system for cost-optimised processes in a nitrogen atmosphere. Known for reduced solder consumption as well as the lower unit cost attributable to the process, the preheating system of the machine consists of a modular, flexible and expandable (towards the front) preheating concept with a combination of convection and emitter heating systems. Intelligent spray fluxers, the use of high-quality materials and perfect geometries in the solder module ensure the Powerflow series provides positive soldering results.


Key features:

  • Size: 3900mm (4445mm including conveyor)×1425mm×1580mm

  • Weight: Approximately 2300kg

  • Finger or pallet conveyor

  • PCB length: 120mm – 600mm

  • PCB top-side clearance: Maximum 100mm

  • Conveyor speed: 0.5m – 2.5m/min

  • Modular, flexible and expandable (towards the front) preheating concept with convection heaters and IR emitters

  • Exchangeable solder pot with trolley (optional)

Contact details: Rainer Krauss, VP, sales, +49 (0)9342 / 800-0, [email protected],

Indian distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd


Model: 24FD, Brand: DDM Novastar, Manufacturer: DDM Novastar

This automatic wave solder system comes with self-contained fluxing, preheating and laminar (smooth) solder wave modules, and promises users a quick return on investment. The machine has exceptional accuracy and repeatability, as well as compatibility with lead or lead-free solders.

Key features:

  • Dual chain pallet conveyor or finger conveyor with ‘L’ fingers for pallet or palletless operation

  • Titanium finger conveying system

  • SPC fault monitoring and reporting

  • Password protection

  • RS-232 serial interface

  • Parameter storage with programmable menu capacity of 100 recipes

Contact details: +1 610 337 3050, [email protected],



Model: SMD-HAO series, Brand: TANGTECK, Manufacturer: Tangteck Equipment Inc, Taipei, Taiwan

Updated in January 2015, this is a reliable, rigidly built reflow oven with an excellent price performance ratio. Its key features include long heating and cooling zones, the possibility of opening the heating zones and very low heat dissipation on the machine body. The SMD-HAO series comes with a built-in thermal profiler.

Key features:

  • 2-zone cooling length is 900mm, 5-zone oven has heating length of 2100mm and 8-zone oven has a heating length of 3200mm

  • Maximum temperature up to 360ºC

  • Alarm system

  • Built-in UPS and thermal profiler

  • Built-in lubricant unit

Contact details: Billy Chen, director, [email protected],

Indian distributor: Leaptech Corporation


Model: Hotflow 3 series, Brand: ERSA, Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa, Germany

Launched in 2012 and recently upgraded, the Hotflow 3 series supposedly has really long heating and cooling zones compared to the other manufacturers. The upgradation has been in the number of zones the user can opt for. This was earlier restricted to seven and has now gone up to 12 zones.

Some of the features of this series include precise temperature control throughout the tunnel, no heat dissipation on the outside body of the machine, inbuilt flux condensation management, powerful cooling zones, user friendly software controls and the lowest cost of ownership.

Key features:

  • Available in 4-zone, 7-zone, 10-zone and 12-zone heating configurations

  • Pin-and-chain conveyor with 3mm pin length

  • Working width ranges from 60mm to 536mm

  • Multi-jet heating cassettes in all heating zones

  • Adjustable RPM blower motors in reflow zones

  • Machine software; PC with 0.43m TFT monitor

  • Prepared for traceability as per ZVEI standards

Contact details: Rainer Krauss, VP, sales, +49 (0)9342 / 800-0, [email protected],

Indian distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd