Kerala To Start Manufacturing Its Own Laptops Under Coconics Brand


Coconics, recently launched its first range of “Made in India” laptops.

Coconics, a Kerala based manufacturing company has recently launched  its four latest “Made in India” laptop models.Primarily,the laptops are ranged at government, enterprise and educational institutes and will be customised to the varied requirements across sectors.

Coconics is India’s newest local original equipment manufacturer/original design manufacturer, incubated by UST Global, Keltron, Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and Acceleron Labs backed up Government of Kerala, through its business friendly industrial policy. The four constituents of this joint venture company got together with the guidance and support of Intel to manufacture IT products in India under the “Make in India” initiative.


Vision ahead
M. Sivasankar, secretary IT, chairman, Karnataka State Information Technology Mission (KSITM) said that the vision of Coconics is to create a vibrant manufacturing ecosystem in the state of Kerala which includes collaboration between the innovative start-up companies, small and medium enterprises both in the government as well as the private sector. He further stated that this manufacturing ecosystem would over a period of time cater to the needs of the country and also the global demand by producing hardware products of remarkable quality.

Alexander Varghese, chief administrative officer and country head of UST has expressed his excitement and desire about the unique partnership model with the government and the strong ESDM partners already available in Kerala to bring in more manufacturing in the country. 

Coconics has a manufacturing plant in Monvila on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram and holds the capacity to manufacture 250,000 laptops in 2019 and is hopeful to start distribution of the same by Q2 of 2019. Coconics will focus on leveraging the Indian ESDM ecosystem to localise critical BOM incluidng the motherboard, battery, adaptors and packaging.




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