Amit Kulshrestha, director, IIE Semiconductors, Shares His Success Story

Amit Kulshrestha, director, IIE Semiconductors Pvt Ltd
Amit Kulshrestha, director,
IIE Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Formerly known as Integrated Industrial Electronics, IIE Semiconductors Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company engaged in the distribution of electronic components worldwide. The company’s focus is on quality rather than pricing, and this has resulted in it developing enduring relationships with its customers. Amit Kulshrestha, director, IIE Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with Potshangbam July, discusses the company’s plans and shares his general observations on the Indian electronics industry.

EB: Tell us more about your company.
We are an authorised distributor of various electronic components and lines. We work as a trading partner, or you can say as a sourcing partner for various types of components.

EB: How has business been this financial year?
This financial year, business has been a bit slow compared to the previous year. However, we are expecting to reach the same level as last year, soon. Last year, we had exceptionally good results. Though our target was to reach ₹ 100 million, we crossed ₹ 110 million.

EB: In which segments is demand increasing, and are there any segments in which you see a drop in demand?
As you know, the automobile sector is slowing down a bit butwe have a good presence in the defence sector, which is growing.We source components for medical applications also, and are maintaining a steady pace of growth in that sector.

EB: How would you rate the Make in India programme on a scale of 10?
Ours was the first to be registered as a startup company in NorthIndia. So I can tell you that we have benefited tremendously from the initiatives introduced by the government. If 10 is considered good, that is the score I would give the Make in India programme, without a doubt.

EB: How do you feel the recent tax cuts, for both new companies venturing into manufacturing as well as for existing companies, will impact the electronics industry?
It’s a good and bold move by the government. It’s definitely going to help in boosting the economy. I would say it’s an aggressive step and the best reform so far. After the announcement, the impact was seen in the good response from the Sensex.

EB: Are there any new plans to set up a manufacturing base or expand your current operations?
I won’t say that there are no expansion plans. Yes, certain plans are in the pipeline. At
the moment, I can only say that these will take some time, and I have not decided on any

EB: LED lighting has been a major driver of growth for some in the electronics industry—do you see IoT becoming the next big growth driver?
Everyone is holding a mobile phone today and constantly looking into it for any information. So obviously, IoT is the next big thing in our everyday lives – we do all our work on the phone now since you can access anything on it. No doubt, IoT has a bright future.

EB: How do you see online and e-commerce affecting brickand-mortar businesses? What is your strategy with respect to benefiting from this revolution?
We buy so many things from online platforms. The products are good and genuine if we purchase them from well established brands. At the same time, there have also been times when we have bought fake parts online. So I can think of buying online from an authorised distributor or a trusted source, but not otherwise.

EB: What are your key focus areas for the next financial year?
For the next financial year, we are majorly focusing on the defence, medical, automotive,
instrumentation and robotics sectors.

EB: Is there any new product line that you have added recently?
We are currently in touch with one of our new principals for a new line of antennas that we are yet to finalise. We are working on the prototypes currently. Besides this, we are planning to add power capacitors to our portfolio.

EB: What are the core beliefs and goals of your company?
The entire team believes in not making false commitments, and offering only authentic
components of good quality. Our emphasis is on earning the trust of the customers first. Even for customers, price is the secondary consideration after quality, which is the top priority.

EB: What is the current state of India’s electronics industry?
As of now, everyone is expecting major growth in the Indian electronics market. In fact, we are waiting for this segment to get a boost and translate into lucrative opportunities. This can bring about a positive change in the Indian electronics manufacturing landscape. I hope this happens very soon.


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