National policy on IT to be out by December

The new policy will push domestic consumption of IT services to increase the size of the industry Saturday, October 27, 2012: The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) has announced that it will come out with a defined timeline...

Cabinet approves National Policy on Electronics

After a long wait by the industry, the Union Cabinet finally approved the National Policy on Electronics 2012 on October 25, living up to the hope of the industry, which wants a conducive environment to manufacture more, locally....

UP government approves IT policy 2012

The policy aims to boost the state's IT exports, which has gone down from the third to the sixth position  At a Cabinet meeting in Lucknow, chaired by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government...

Govt approves Preferential Market Access policy for domestic manufacturers

While the government wants 25-65 per cent value addition in telecom products, industry feels it might be difficult in the current scenario

DeitY funds SMEs for filing international patents

In spite of this highly beneficial scheme, only 32 companies have filed patent applications in four years and only eight of them have managed to receive funds under DeitY’s SIP-EIT scheme

How MSEs can get loans with government support

A trust formed by the MSME helps micro, small and medium enterprises to get loans from banks without collateral or without a guarantee from a third party—the ministry has formed a trust that acts as the guarantor instead

A govt scheme for MSMEs to become competitive in lean manufacturing

80 per cent of the project cost will be borne by the government and a consultant will help companies adopt lean manufacturing techniques

Now you can manufacture in India with 30% ROI!

According to an estimate by ELCINA, if we combine the Union government's capital subsidy on investments with the cluster subsidy, and add these to the incentives offered by a state government, it will lead to an ROI of a...

“With new policy initiatives, we will see a big jump in electronics manufacturing in...

While India is already late in realising the importance of electronics manufacturing, Dr Ajay Kumar, joint secretary, Department of Information Technology (DIT) of the Central Ministry of Telecom and IT, Government of India, believes that the nation does stand a chance of becoming a global manufacturing base. “Today, the world is looking at a ‘China plus one strategy’, which will be an advantage for us,” he says. In a conversation with Rahul Chopra of Electronics Bazaar, Dr Kumar speaks about the dire need to strengthen the electronics manufacturing base of the country, and how government initiatives can make this possible.

Electronics development fund Rs100 bn proposed for funding R&D activities

The fund will promote innovation, IP, R&D, product development, commercialisation of products, etc, in ESDM, nano-electronics and IT sectors

Govt scheme for workshops & conferences to boost ‘made in India’ brand

The total outlay of the scheme is Rs 180 million, which will be used for workshops and conferences to boost different verticals in the electronics industry

Srijan: A policy for MSMEs to boost innovation and create business opportunities

The scheme provides 80 per cent of the total cost of a project to MSMEs, as well as loans at the rate of just 5 per cent per annum

National policy on electronics: Will it be a game changer?

Will the National Policy on Electronics and the National Manufacturing Policy become strong pillars and support balanced growth across the electronics industry? There have been mixed reactions in the industry

Make full use of government schemes

While there is no dearth of government schemes and funds for small and big business enterprises, the government should make a concerted effort to not only market them well but also ensure hassle free procedures so that these schemes are utilised to the maximum

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