Govt & education sectors: Gold mines waiting to be tapped

To spur growth, the UPS segment can identify the government sector and educational institutes as thrust areas as these segments are into massive computerisation programmes, upsurging the demand for UPS as never before. Not only that, with the growth of the UPS market, demand for UPS battery and components for UPS will also swell

Aim for the sky, but never lose track of your tread

The only manufacturer to commission 360 heat sealing plants (battery assembly plants) all over India and overseas, Fluid-O-Matic was founded by D D SharMa, an electrical engineer (artificer) trained by the Indian Navy in control engineering in 1980. Founded in 1989, Fluid-O-Matic claims to be the ‘brand for the branded batteries’as all major battery manufacturers across India roll out thousands of batteries every year from the plants manufactured and installed by Fluid-O-Matic. Talking to Srabani SeN of Electronics Bazaar, Sharma explicits that he is against fully automated battery manufacturing plants as that would threaten to reduce employment and increase maintenance cost.“I love the battery industry and don’t want to venture into any other area as the battery market has a long life ahead, with the advancement of technology and solar options coming up fast,”says Sharma.

Price Pressure Challenge for Capacitor Manufacturers

Problems facing the capacitor market in India are aplenty, hampering its growth while cheap foreign ones flood the country. It’s time to wake up to the challenges and check them, as relief is possible with some government attention

We’re experiencing positive upshots of economic downtrend

Few have been fortunate enough like Premier Farnell, which, despite the economic slowdown, have not felt its negative impact. In fact, the company established operations in India 10 months ago, defying the usual norms of recession and in a short span, has seen a growth of 20 per cent every quarter. “Recession has had a positive influence on us,” says Nader Tadros, director, commercial marketing and e-commerce, Asia Pacific, Premier Farnell, in a conversation with Jesus Milton Rousseau S of Electronics Bazaar

Component sector upbeat despite 20% downturn

Going by the trend, it’s evident that companies are upbeat about their growth and not wounded by recession

June 2009

STB industry’s future in govt. hands

Set-top box manufacturing has great potential in India. However, the Indian government needs to open its eyes to the concerns of the domestic manufacturers and establish a pro-manufacturer environment, which will support domestic production, not discourage it
Steven Liu, vice-president, AICSYS

“AICSYS will emerge as a credible IPC supplier in India”

Advanced Industrial Computer Systems (AICSYS) has been manufacturing industrial chassis for more than 17 years and specialises in single board computers. It has been a prominent supplier of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)/original design manufacturer (ODM) IPC products to many leading IPC companies in Europe, Asia and North America. Private labeling and behind the scenes support to have been AICSYS’ primary functions. However, recent changes in the global IPC market have caused AICSYS to re-evaluate its position. As a direct result, AICSYS has released a line of products, which bear the AICSYS name and focus primarily on ruggedized industrial chassis and a highly focused line of single board computers. Steven Liu, vice-president, AICSYS, talks to Atanu Kumar Das of Electronics Bazaar about the company’s India growth plans and the distinguishing factors that make AICSYS a success.

Electronic components base in India. A distant dream… but can be a reality

India has sacrificed its market to global suppliers, specially to low-cost Asian countries, by not regulating quality and environmental standards and not extending fiscal incentives or import tax differentials to buttress local production. This has resulted in a barrage of imports, largely sub-standard and unregulated, ingenerating trading and acting as disincentives for native manufacturers

Resistor Makers Turn Awry with Import

Owing to zero duty regime, the resistor market has generated sharp competition amongst importers and indigenous manufacturers, resulting in the conversion of many manufacturers into mere traders

Steady Growth for Voltage Regulator Market

The market size is estimated to be around Rs 800 to Rs 10,000 million and is growing rapidly at a rate of 10 per cent. But, the market is affected by voltage stabiliser free appliances and low-priced UPS.

VRLA/SMF battery market robust with growth

The VRLA/SMF battery market is experiencing a robust growth rate with the growth in UPS and telecommunication sectors. Slowly, the traditional battery market is being conquered by SMF batteries

After-sales services: A rising revenue model?

The fluctuating economy, leading to decline in product sales, the high market pressure and the increased competition in the power electronics industry, have compelled brands to search for new business opportunities and focus on strengthening sales in their service sector

E-waste recycling the big biz opportunity

E-waste recycling and refurbishing have the potential to generate big business if 95 per cent of the e-wastes that go to the unorganised sector can be tapped and diverted to an organised sector By Srabani Sen Tuesday, May 12, 2009: Are...

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