Latest feature-packed batteries

Most devices would literally go limp without batteries. Hence, the deluge of batteries available in the market is not surprising. Epower showcases some batteries with interesting features to give buyers a peak into what’s cooking in the battery market

Winds of change blowing in power electronics market

The Indian UPS market is expected to witness a CAGR of 13.4 per cent till 2014 and is currently soaring, with an estimated demand of Rs 50,000 million and 400,000­500,000 units of inverters per year

Looking into the future of components for power electronics

Indian manufacturers need to know that owing to the enormous demand for UPS and inverters, now is the opportune time to venture into the components business. They must manufacture in terms of quantity and quality, so that buyers don’t have to look towards other countries for their sourcing needs

Vehicle Tracking Devices Always visible, always reliable

Over the next few years, the vehicle tracking market is set to expand at a faster pace as it is need driven. The Indian GPS market is likely to record a market share of $35 million by the year end

Let there be LED light

Continuous R&D in LED technology has placed LEDs in every office and home. LED luminaries for general lighting are the current trend sweeping the Indian LED lighting domain
Su-Kam's Colossal high cap inverter

Latest power-packed inverters

An overwhelmingly large number of inverters and combo UPS are available in the market, confusing buyers about which brands to buy. Epower showcases some recently launched devices with new and innovative technologies, to give buyers a peak into what’s selling well

Intelligent know how for smart buyers

Customers’ demands for increased reliability and zero downtime has led manufacturers to design more robust components and technologies for UPS and inverter systems. Some innovative technologies doing the rounds in the market lately can take the industry to the next level of cutting edge

Moving with market trends

The UPS and inverter market is abuzz with interesting trends. Industry analysts opine that manufacturers who move with the market trends and upgrade themselves accordingly will survive and emerge successful

Small and big players swim together

Faced with stiff competition from bigger brands in the power electronics sector, are small and medium manufacturers managing to survive?

Demand for solar lanterns not acknowledged

The total number of solar lanterns in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 40% from 2009-2012

To give or not to give credit

The spate of payment elusions and deferments and the consequent losses borne by manufacturers in the last few years has left principals wondering if giving credit to partners is really worthwhile

T&M Handheld Equipment: Buyers driven by cost factor, ignore quality

The Indian market is flooded with all sorts of handheld T&M equipment brands but buyers prefer the cheapest ones without giving much thought to quality and service support. Many important factors should be considered while making a favourable buying decision

Imported components steal the show

Despite their shortcomings, imported components are far ahead of indigenous ones—in price, quality, quantity and variety

Battery Life and Death

How to keep the battery in good shape and enhance the lives of inverters and UPS

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