SMT equipment market marches ahead

The rise in usage has turned the Indian SMT equipment market into a $54.1-million giant. It is anticipated to grow even further, at a CAGR of 13.2 per cent till 2012

3 Financing Options for SMT buyers

The price range of SMT machines ranges from USD 50,000-300,000—a sum most people would find formidable. However, purchasing SMT equipment is not as monumental a task as it may seem. The best and most viable methods to buy SMT machines are by self funding, through bank loans or SMT vendor financing

Sunny days ahead for SMT rework stations

Today, one of the chief challenges of manufacturing is to ensure that maximum quantity is produced in minimum time. SMT vendors are, therefore, coming up with rework stations that render zero defects and consume lesser time in the production process

EMS industry waking up to AOI virtues

In bulk manufacturing processes, manufacturers cannot ignore the importance of AOI machines, as these not only discern defects but also help in correcting errors

Donex Industries: On the fast track

With its turnover doubled in just three years, Donex Industries boasts of customer satisfaction as one of its major strategies, which is a key factor for its success

There is no stopping for Raltronics India

With a turnover of Rs 400 million in 2007-08, the company is surging at the rate of 15 per cent every year. This year, Raltronics is targeting a 20 per cent growth By Jesus Milton Rousseau S Friday, June 19, 2009: The...

SMT printer market to be strong by 2010

Despite economic downtrend, SMT printer market is expected to become a strong segment by mid-2010

The Great Survival: EMS Fraternity Fools Recession

EMS companies have been able to withstand the economic slowdown by applying tact and business sense to the current problems of recession and, as a result, have only been marginally affected

Digital Circuits’ big growth plan

Bengaluru-based Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9000 and 14000-certified electronics manufacturing services company, boasts of having retained each one of its customers since the time of its inception and has grown in terms of revenue from a modest...

STB industry’s future in govt. hands

Set-top box manufacturing has great potential in India. However, the Indian government needs to open its eyes to the concerns of the domestic manufacturers and establish a pro-manufacturer environment, which will support domestic production, not discourage it

Global SMT manufacturers eyeing Indian SMT market

Since the US and the European markets have been the most severely hit by recession, global SMT manufacturers are now eyeing the Asian market, mainly China and India

Nokia Explores to Make India a Manufacturing Hub

Nokia’s Chennai manufacturing unit model can be replicated to ensure that India gets many success stories like this Finnish gaint’s in the arena of telecommunica­tions, but only with succour from the government

Surface mount components witness upswing

With the levitation of hardware in India, the next couple of years could become the ‘golden age’ for SMT devices in India

India, an EMS Hub? It’s a Long Way Off

Today, the Chinese market commands 20-25 per cent of the global EMS pie. India doesn’t even have a 1 per cent stake in it—a pity, considering the country’s phenomenal potential. The Indian players are slow in taking advantage of the potential market

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