ELCINA spearheads initiative to upgrade brownfield clusters

Manufacturers of Noida and Greater Noida have demanded a tool room, a training centre and a testing lab, which will immensely help the manufacturers of electronics

Your guide to soldering

Attaining ‘zero defect’ production requires a thorough knowledge of soldering technology. Here is a lowdown on the different kinds of techniques, material and equipment used in soldering

Govt digitisation plan opens up big opportunities for STB manufacturers

There is a reported demand for 10 million set top boxes in phase 1 of the digitisation plan

The Latest in SMT Reflow Ovens

We are featuring some of the latest SMT reflow ovens, which have been continually refined to satisfy advanced applications requirements

PCB fluxing with ultrasonic atomisation

This new technology is not only cost effective but of high quality as well

SMT products to watch: The latest in SMT pick and place machines (low volume)

We are featuring some of the latest SMT pick and place low volume machines that have been launched or upgraded with new features during the last 12 months

How to develop electronic products successfully in India: Traps, best practices and proven strategies

On February 16, 2012, EFY Group organised a seminar on the ‘Latest Technologies and Best Practices for Electronics Manufacturing’, an initiative that aimed to bring all the stakeholders of the electronics manufacturing ecosystem onto a single platform, to share their manufacturing best practices. This article is based on the presentation given at this seminar by SA Srinivasa Moorthy, VP, design engineering and head, India Design Centre, Sanmina-SCI Technology India Pvt Ltd. His presentation is based on the research initiated by Sanmina-SCI Technology to study the electronics product development industry in India.

Now you can manufacture in India with 30% ROI!

According to an estimate by ELCINA, if we combine the Union government's capital subsidy on investments with the cluster subsidy, and add these to the incentives offered by a state government, it will lead to an ROI of a...

A subdued SMT equipment market may look up in 2012

2012 may see some investments in the lighting, metering, automobile and mobile phone industry, which could translate into some growth in the SMT equipment market as well

EMS industry will witness 20 per cent growth in 2012

Growth trends that began in 2011 will gain momentum in 2012 with the electronics industry depending more and more on EMS

Top SMT players in India

Although Frost & Sullivan’s report estimates Indian SMT market to be around Rs 44.15 billion in 2012, with telecom and automotive being two major sectors driving demand for SMT equipment, the year 2011 was not as exciting for the Indian SMT industry, as was expected. The volatility in the financial markets, the European crisis, the still recovering economy of the US, the weakening rupee, high domestic interest rates, and the strengthening Japanese Yen added to the woes of the domestic electronics manufacturing sector. And, in turn, these economic problems had a profound impact on the SMT equipment market as well. As the fate of the SMT equipment market is closely intertwined with the electronics manufacturing industry, it directly influenced the sale of SMT equipment, narrowing down its growth rate. However, if the draft National Manufacturing Policy is implemented, the SMT industry hopes that 2012 will see some investments coming through in lighting, metering, and automobile industry, and hopefully, in mobile manufacturing as well. This, in turn, may bring some growth to the SMT equipment market. In this issue, Electronics Bazaar attempted to list out the top SMT players in India. In the process, we were faced with a number of difficulties. The editorial team could not procure revenue of majority of the SMT companies from any of the sources. Also, most of the companies in this segment being MNCs, could not share their India revenue with us. Hence, we had no option but to just list out the SMT companies in alphabetical order. While this survey is by no means comprehensive, it does provide a glimpse into many of India’s key SMT players in the market.

Will Indian manufacturing have the China advantage?

High input costs in India are an impediment to its becoming a global manufacturing hub

SMT leads to new trends in markets for PCBs, equipment, and manufacturing processes

The use of SMT in electronics manufacturing is evolving in India, leading to new benchmarks in markets for PCBs, in the tools and equipment used, and eventually in manufacturing processes

Trends in electronics manufacturing: Best practices that enhance efficiency

Due to low margins, the focus in the EMS business has shifted to efficiency and saving time. Here are some best practices

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