Soldering and desoldering is a large and important part of the electronics industry, having application areas in almost all of its segments. Leading Brands Electronics Bazaar decided to conduct a survey to ascertain the leading firms of all the various soldering and desoldering categories. As most of these brands do not have a direct sales office in India, they are disseminating their products and services through qualified distributors who provide assistance and after sales services to buyers on the manufacturers’ behalf. We contacted 60 players of the industry and asked them who, according to them, are the leading players in the soldering/desoldering industry and came up with a list of top players. Leaders in the small soldering irons and stations category and in the large soldering stations domain are enumerated in the table below in alphabetical order. We hope our initiative will be beneficial and enjoyable for the readers of Electronics Bazaar.

Top LED players – 2009

Today, usage of light emitting diode (LED) is becoming increasingly prominent—be it in lighting, displays or other devices. The fact that LED has a good shelf life has encouraged manufacturers to use it despite the fact that it is priced higher than other alternatives available. Acknowledging the trend that aspires for new technology, Electronics Bazaar highlights some of the top LED manufacturers and distributors in India in an effort to help buyers and sellers identify the best available LED sources in the country. We interacted with more than 60-70 reputed stakeholders of the LED realm and came up with a list of 15 top players in the sector. Some players were averse to disclosing their revenues, so this time, players will not be rated, but will simply be enlisted in alphabetical order. The revenues which were shared with us, however, have been displayed. We hope that our readers find this article useful and that more players will participate in future ‘EBTop' ventures.

Creating a life I longed for: O P Nangia

“My life is an open book,” proclaims O P Nangia, founder and managing director, Stead Electronics Industries, a reputable producer of wire wound resistors, rheostats and potentiometers, whose products are extensively used by electronic industries, technical institutes and laboratories. With over 56 years of experience, Nangia is one of the oldest manufacturers in the electronics industry. Explicating the ‘never say die’ spirit of his father, Nangia’s son, Girish Nangia, says, “My father has been a true karamyogi. He has been a mentor and a friend to me. His sound moral values and consistency towards work have always been an inspiring and motivating force for the company. Even at this age, he is as laborious as he used to be 20 years ago.” The dynamic 73-yea r­old shares snippets of his life with Himanshu Yadav of Electronics Bazaar and narrates his journey to success and the inevitable pitfalls he encountered along the way.

Information that matters about manufacturers

Rutaksha Rawat Friday, June 19, 2013: In this competitive market, where survival is always at stake, expansion of business is given top priority. The ambitious, who endeavour to forge ahead and take up challenges are bound to emerge successful. Information...

There is no stopping for Raltronics India

With a turnover of Rs 400 million in 2007-08, the company is surging at the rate of 15 per cent every year. This year, Raltronics is targeting a 20 per cent growth By Jesus Milton Rousseau S Friday, June 19, 2009: The...

UPS and Inverter manufacturers:2009

‘EBTop 15 UPS and inverter manufacturers’is our attempt to enlist the best-performing companies in this domain with regards to their revenue. The power sector has been witnessing a very healthy growth over the last fiscal and this is distinctly reflected in the companys’revenues.We commenced this process approximately two months back, when we compiled the list of all major and minor UPS and inverter players and started contacting them. Some companies were quite eager to be part of this initiative, whereas there were a few who refrained from disclosing their revenues as it is against their company policy. This time, we have also made two separate lists of the strongest players in the UPS and inverter segments, respectively. We, at Electronics Bazaar, hope that more and more players will participate in this exercise in our future issues.

Digital Circuits’ big growth plan

Bengaluru-based Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9000 and 14000-certified electronics manufacturing services company, boasts of having retained each one of its customers since the time of its inception and has grown in terms of revenue from a modest...

Battery channel partners

Channel Partners play a key role in deciding the fate of the manufacturers. Hence, they hold a key position in the industry. Electronics Bazaar has been rating the manufacturers of different product segments, but it is rating the channel partners of the battery industry for the first time. We approached all major battery manufacturers to share with us their channel database. We then got in touch with the channel partners in every nook and corner of the country and received overwhelming responses. However, some manufacturers didn’t disclose their channel partners’list with us.We hope to get them to join us the next time we decide to conduct this activity.

Global SMT manufacturers eyeing Indian SMT market

Since the US and the European markets have been the most severely hit by recession, global SMT manufacturers are now eyeing the Asian market, mainly China and India

Battery players in India

Monday, April 20, 2009: The battery industry in India has been performing exceedingly well in the last couple of years and we thought this was the appropriate time to provide  our readers with the performance card of the top...

“Our strategy for sustaining business includes reinventing our customer base”

The ISO 14001-certified Frontline Electronics Ltd, an Indian embedded design and EMS company, is spearheaded by managing director, Meghnad Sudhirchandra Shah. A first generation entrepreneur from a traditional business family, who initially ventured into the terrain of automotive electronics...

TOP 10 SMT players in India (March 2009)

Surface mount technology (SMT) has started creating waves in the country, which has been made conspicuous by the kind of amplification SMT play­ers are experiencing in the Indian market. For the second time since our inception, we are conducting this study (last year, we carried it in the February 2008 issue) and are pleased that we have received a robust response this year as well. This is the second anniversary issue of Electronics Bazaar and we would like to extend our gratitude to all our readers for be­ing appreciative of the ‘EB Top’ banner.

He Conquers who Endures: S.K. Jain

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work,” says S K Jain, managing director, Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd. Jain has accepted what life has offered him and made the best of it. His journey is of a man who turned sombre realties into a bright future through his diligence and hard work

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things: G D Saini

In the process of constantly moving ahead, one rarely gets time to think about the moments that led to the start of the journey, which has now come about a long way. And someday, when ‘a moment’ asks you to look back in time and take a simple recount of it, it does tend to make one nostalgic. Reminiscing about things long forgotten just like flipping through the pages of some forgotten diary, G.D. Saini, managing director of Singodia Electronics, shares his journey.

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