Battery players in India

Monday, April 20, 2009: The battery industry in India has been performing exceedingly well in the last couple of years and we thought this was the appropriate time to provide  our readers with the performance card of the top...

“Our strategy for sustaining business includes reinventing our customer base”

The ISO 14001-certified Frontline Electronics Ltd, an Indian embedded design and EMS company, is spearheaded by managing director, Meghnad Sudhirchandra Shah. A first generation entrepreneur from a traditional business family, who initially ventured into the terrain of automotive electronics...

TOP 10 SMT players in India (March 2009)

Surface mount technology (SMT) has started creating waves in the country, which has been made conspicuous by the kind of amplification SMT play­ers are experiencing in the Indian market. For the second time since our inception, we are conducting this study (last year, we carried it in the February 2008 issue) and are pleased that we have received a robust response this year as well. This is the second anniversary issue of Electronics Bazaar and we would like to extend our gratitude to all our readers for be­ing appreciative of the ‘EB Top’ banner.

He Conquers who Endures: S.K. Jain

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work,” says S K Jain, managing director, Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd. Jain has accepted what life has offered him and made the best of it. His journey is of a man who turned sombre realties into a bright future through his diligence and hard work

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things: G D Saini

In the process of constantly moving ahead, one rarely gets time to think about the moments that led to the start of the journey, which has now come about a long way. And someday, when ‘a moment’ asks you to look back in time and take a simple recount of it, it does tend to make one nostalgic. Reminiscing about things long forgotten just like flipping through the pages of some forgotten diary, G.D. Saini, managing director of Singodia Electronics, shares his journey.

Top 20 T&M players in India

The test and measurement (T&M) industry in India is performing exceptionally well in the last few years. India’s recent success in space programmes has also boosted the market to a great extent. Moreover, the growth that India is witnessing in the telecommunications market is also giving a fillip to the industry. In this article, we are listing the Top 20 T&M players in India in terms of their revenue. This was an extensive exercise as we got in touch with more than 80 companies, both multinationals and indigenous firms. Some major firms like Agilent, Tektronics, Scientech Technologies could not be included in the list as they have not shared their Indian revenue. Agilent has shared their global revenue, which is worth $5.8 billion. According to Mahadevan Viswanathan, country manager, sales, Agilent Technologies, “India has been witnessing a good growth in T&M industry over the last couple of years. The growth is seen across all the served industry segments like telecom, aerospace, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, contract manufacturing and semiconductor. Telecom growth is mainly fuelled by increasing subscriber-base, domestic demand and new technologies like 3G, WiMAX & LTE. Aerospace and defence has been largely dependent on the T&M industry for their mission-critical testing needs for robust systems and homeland security.”

Indian power market will continue to enjoy double digit growth in the coming years

Delta Electronics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power supplies, organised a seminar on ‘Power Supply Efficiency Technologies’ at Delhi and Bangalore, recently. On the occasion, Dr. Milan Jovanovic, CTO, Power Systems Business Group, Delta Electronics Inc, holder...

Funds generating is our major challenge

All India Manufacturers Organisation (AIMO), an apex organisation of manufacturers, is recognised as an effective spokesperson of the industry and business by the Central and state governments. Amit Kumar Sen, president, AIMO, speaks to Jesus Milton Rousseau S. of...

Top 15 EMS Players In India (2009)

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) or contract manufacturing has gained a lot of ground in the last couple of years in India. We have also witnessed that there are lots of indigenous players who have now taken interest in EMS. Here, it should be mentioned that the government of India has also taken noticeable initiatives to encourage the contract manu­facturing business and they definitely deserve a pat in their back. There are a number of multinational companies like Jabil, Flextronics, Foxconn, Solectron, Celestica, Elcoteq and others who have set up their operations here during the last two to three years. This has sent out a clear signal to the world that India is evolving as an electronics manufacturing destination. We at Electronics Bazaar, took this opportunity to rate the top 15 EMS players in India, based on their country revenues. How­ever, in this rating we are unable to include the multinational players (except Elecoteq, who have shared their Asia Pacific revenue), as they have not disclosed their country or region specific revenues. In this issue we initially wanted to cover Top 20 EMS players, but since we have got response from 16 companies, we are publishing the same. This endeavour from EB is an attempt to bring forward the players who have been performing consistently well over a period of time.

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