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Smart villages and smart agriculture – A hand on workshop by IoT NCR

Internet of Things is creating lot of buzz all over the world with companies and researchers predicting billions of devices to be connected by...

Andhra Pradesh plans to set up electric vehicles’ task force

The AP Economic Development Board (APEDB), is gearing up to set up an ‘Electric Vehicles Task Force’ which will coordinate and develop synergies between...

New diffuser materials in the market enhance light uniformity

Diffusers are needed to distribute the light emitted by LEDs evenly and reduce their glare. New materials in use today offer a host of...

ISRO’s battery tech to boost India’s e-vehicle dream

The approval by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the commercial use of the lithium-ion battery technology it has developed is a shot...

Where is the Indian SMT market headed?

Technological advancements, which are a necessity to meet the high performance expectations in the electronics field, combined with today’s high speed production and quality...
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