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A microcontroller (MCU) could be considered a self-contained system with a processor, memory and peripherals, and can be used as an embedded system. A majority of MCUs used today are embedded in automobiles, telephones, appliances and peripherals for computer systems. While some embedded systems are very sophisticated, many have minimal requirements for memory and program length, with no operating system and low software complexity. Typical input and output devices include switches, relays, solenoids, LEDs, small or custom LCD displays, radio frequency devices, and sensors for data such as temperature, humidity, light levels, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the new launches in MCUs

Monday, May 13, 2013:

Model: Qorivva and S12 MagniV, Brand: Freescale, Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor, USA

Launched in March 2013, the Qorivva MPC5748G and S12 MagniV S12ZVL/S12ZVC MCUs are complementary technologies.

Key features

  • Qorivva MPC5748G MCU combines an exceptional level of integration with innovative low-power management modes, support for functional safety and robust security features
  • MagniV S12ZVL/S12ZVC devices allow designers to achieve the smallest possible CAN termination nodes or LIN nodes
  • S12 MagniV portfolio enables body electronics platform design scalability across multiple applications, with CAN and LIN connectivity options

Contact details: Steve Tateosian, product marketing manager, Ph: 512 895 8850,

India branch: Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt Ltd


Model: RX600 series, Brand: Renesas, Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics Corporation, Japan

Launched in March 2013, Renesas’ 120 new models in the RX63N/RX631 groups offer up to 256KB embedded RAM, doubling today’s available RAM size of 128 KB.

Key features

  • RX63N/RX631 models integrate an optional data encryption unit (DEU), which enables customers to use encryption/decryption functions according to the AES standard
  • They include an EXDMAC unit that can transfer data over an external bus independent of the internal bus occupation.
  • These MCUs integrate 32 KB of E2 data flash memory that supports 100,000 rewrite cycles for easy data storage

Contact details: Ph: +65 6213 0200,

India branch: Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd


Model: PIC24F KM, Brand: Microchip, Manufacturer: Microchip Technology Inc., USA

Launched in March 2013, the PIC24F KM family of MCUs offers up to 16 KB flash memory, 2KB RAM and 512B EEPROM.

Key features

  • Provides a new level of integrated analogue functionality such as a 12-bit ADC with threshold detection, 8-bit DACs for analogue control loops and precision comparator references
  • The MCUs are the first to feature the new multiple-output capture-compare PWM module (MCCP) and single-output capture-compare PWM module (SCCP) peripherals
  • MCCP and SCCP modules combine timers, input captures, output compare and PWM functions in a single time base for optimal flexibility

Contact details: Ph: (480) 792-7200,

India distributor: AqTronics Technologies Pvt Ltd, Advent Electronics International Pte Ltd

Model: STM32F429/39 series, Brand: ST, Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics, Geneva

Launched in February 2013, the new 180MHz STM32F429/39 series make the STM32 family lead performer among Cortex-M microcontrollers.

Key features

I2S TDM (Inter-IC sound time division multiplex) connectivity allows multi-channel audio designs. Selected devices also have the latest, strongest anti-copying security for embedded processors

  • The MCU’s audio features include dedicated audio PLL, two full duplex I²S and a new serial audio interface (SAI) supporting TDM mode
  • They have more interfaces available with up to 20 communication interfaces (including 4x USARTs plus 4x UARTs running at up to 11.25 Mbit/s, 6x SPI running at up to 42 Mbit/s, 3x I²C with a new optional digital filter capability, 2x CAN and SDIO
  • Up to 17 timers: 16- and 32-bit running at up to 180MHz

Contact details: Ph: +41 22 929 29 29,

India distributors: Arrow Asia Pac Ltd, Avnet India Limited, Edom Technology, Future Electronics India and Teck International (Pte) Ltd


Model: SAM4E series, Brand: Atmel, Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation, USA

Launched in January 2013, the SAM4E series features advanced connectivity peripherals, a floating point unit (FPU), advanced analogue capabilities, and higher processing power. This rich mix of features makes the SAM4E devices ideal for application in industrial automation, home and building control, machine-to-machine communications, automotive after-market and energy management.

Key features

  • The SAM4E includes embedded flash memory of up to 1MB, safety and security features, and extensive communication links such as Ethernet IEEE1588 MAC, USB 2.0 and dual CAN
  • The advanced analogue technology on the device includes two independent 16-bit ADCs offering dual sample and hold capability, offset and gain error correction, and the programmable-gain amplifier enabling measurement of a wide input signal range with high precision
  • To help accelerate a designer’s project, the SAM4E series is supported by the Atmel Studio 6 integrated development platform (IDP)

Contact details: 1 (408) 441-0311,,

India branch: Atmel India


Model: MSP430F6659, Brand: TI, Manufacturer: Texas Instruments, USA

Launched in January 2013, the MSP430TM family of MCUs are 16-bit, RISC-based, mixed-signal processors designed specifically for ultra-low-power.

Key features

  • The MCUs are code and pin compatible for easy scalability across the F5xx/F6xx series while maintaining peripherals with no performance versus power trade-offs
  • They support a broad range of wireless connectivity protocols, including Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, near field communications (NFC), sub-1 GHz, and ZigBee, including SEP 2.0 architecture and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Increased memory plus analogue signal chain, including 12-bit analogue-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analogue converters (DAC), for the recording and outputting of 8ksps of audio, enabling basic text to speech functions

Contact details: Product Information Centre, Ph: 1-800-425-7888,+91 80 41381665,,

India distributor: element14, Arrow, Mouser, Avnet, Digi-Key, Serial, WT Microelectronics, World Peace Industrial and Rochester Electronics


Model: FM4 family, Brand: Fujitsu Semiconductor, Manufacturer:Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd, Japan

Launched in November 2012, the FM4 family of 32-bit general purpose RISC microcontrollers are based on the ARM Cortex-M4 processor core, while the new FM0+ family has adopted the Cortex-M0+ core.

Key features

  • Includes SDRAM and SD card interface functions, an expanded package line-up, and the addition of a wide range of timers and serial communications functions, all delivered with flash technology
  • The FM4 family covers a high-end product range, featuring higher performance and enhanced functionality, and will also feature digital signal processor (DSP) and floating-point number processing unit (FPU), which were not included in the FM3 family
  • In addition to inverter control functions, and various communication options like CAN, USB2.0 and Ethernet support, the FM4 family is equipped with high-speed serial communications functions, as well as high-speed, high-performance AD converters

Contact details: Ph: +81-3-6252-2220,

India branch: Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

Model: XMC4000, Brand: Infineon, Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

Launched in November 2012, the three new performance classes in Infineon’s XMC4000 microcontroller family include XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100. These are Cortex-based microcontrollers that offer a high-resolution PWM unit.

Key features

  • The MCUs have a powerful CPU sub-system with 120MHz or 80MHz, DSP functionality, a floating point unit, fast flash memory (512KB, 256KB or 128KB) with a read time of just 22ns and error correction code as well as SRAMs up to 80KB
  • The extensive range of peripherals includes high-speed 12-bit AD and DA converters as well as integrated delta-sigma demodulator modules (XMC4400). Powerful communication is provided by Ethernet MAC (XMC4400), USB 2.0 and CAN interfaces as well as serial communication channels that can be software-configured individually
  • Supported with the integrated development platform DAVE 3, which makes it convenient and fast to develop application-oriented software

Contact details: Ph: +49 800 951951951,

India branch: Infineon Technologies India

Model: MAX32590, Brand: Maxim Integrated, Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc, USA

Launched in November 2012, the MAX32590 offers improved security features that comply with the newest security standards; so it is ideal for financial terminals and new generations of trusted devices such as multimedia-enabled, portable EFT-POS terminals.

Key features

  • High integration reduces costs—the ARM926 core is capable of video playback; it has dual external memory controllers, extended connectivity options that include a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, and a USB host and device controller
  • Shorter time to market—a financial terminal reference design provides a PCI-PTS 3.1 pre-approved, fully functioning, plug-and-play financial terminal that runs a secure Linux BSP
  • High levels of integrated security—the MCUs have 24KB AES user-encryptable NVSRAM and 256-bit flip-flop key storage with instant erase capability upon tampering, dynamic sensor and environmental sensor controllers for intrusion detection,

Contact details: Ph: 888-629-4642;;

India distributor: Avnet India Pvt Ltd, Mouser Electronics and Digi-Key Corporation


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