Voice alarm system


In September 2011, System Sensor, launched EvacPro, a range of standalone voice alarm system (VAS) that secures, informs and entertains, by combining voice alarm and public address capabilities with the benefits of background music.

Features and USP: The product range comprises central control equipment, amplifiers and speakers. EvacPro has high performance versatile speaker features with superb sound quality. The integrated, flexible and highly functional range of VAS uses clear, easily understood, pre-recorded messages to direct people’s escape in a fire emergency, in phases. The comprehensive range can also be used as a public address system for commercial as well as live announcements. It offers simultaneous evacuation messaging across the entire product range. This helps in sending out evacuation signals only to the area that requires immediate action, rather than creating unnecessary panic.

For further details: Honeywell Life Safety; Ph: 91 124 4752700; Marcom.hls@honeywell.com; www.honeywelllifesafety.com

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