Vijay energy’s energy saver for welding


Vijay Energy Products has launched an energy saving device for welding sets, which will save energy, improve the system power factor and reduce maximum demand.

Features and USP: The device will allow users to save anywhere between 1 to 2 units of power per hour, depending upon the capacity of the welding set.  When the operator touches the electrode to restart welding, the unit resets the contractor and welding can carry on. The welding set energy saver can be used for single phase, two phase or three phase welding sets. The other advantage is the cooler working of the welding set.

For further details: Vijay Energy Products Pvt Ltd, 172/4, Murugu Nagar, 5th Street, Velacheri, Chennai, 600042; Ph: +044-22593824; Email:; Website:


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