Tubular batteries


In December 2011, Jupiter Electronics & Telecom Systems launched tubular batteries.

Features and USP: The batteries are heat sealed tubular stationery batteries for UPS and inverters with a positive tubular plate with low antimony alloy to reduce frequency of topping up intervals. The negative plates are of pasted grid type with lead calcium alloy. Jetpower plates which can be casted on the automatic grid casting machines to ensure a proper uniformity. The plate contains approximately 3 per cent antimony providing higher tolerance of cycling at elevated temperatures. It eliminates problems related levels of antimony– like high gassing and internal power loss on charge. With the collaboration of best brains and technicians in the industry, Jetpower batteries are constantly breaking new grounds in battery technology.

For further details: JTS Power Pvt Limited; Ph: 011-25537002, 65420202; Fax : 011-41034949; jtspower@gmail.com; www.jetpower.in

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