In April 2012, Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL) introduced the MB86L13A LTE (FDD and TDD) optimised transceiver.

Features and USP: The MB86L13A multi-band LTE transceiver delivers world class performance for current drain and RF parameters. The advanced application programming interface (API), which is available on the other Fujitsu transceivers, minimises factory calibration time, provides flexible port mapping and adds monitoring of customised key performance indicators (KPIs). The availability of multiple transmit, receive and diversity ports on the MB86L13A offers significant flexibility to map ports and bands for roaming requirements. The transceiver uses an open standard MIPI DigRFSM 4G v1.0 interface to the baseband. The device supports all global FDD bands —1-21, 23-25; and TDD bands of 33-41. The MB86L13A supports all LTE bandwidths up to 20MHz.

For further details: Ph: 011 30446814;


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