Trai seeks views on data security in telecom sector


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on Wednesday floated a consultation paper seeking views on privacy, security and ownership of data in the telecom sector, which would also look at user data held by smartphone manufacturers from those using such devices.

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In the paper, Trai has noted that while it recognises the “vast business and efficiency potential” of data analytics, it was also necessary to assess whether the data protection rights of individuals are being adequately protected. As a result, it added, it was vital that ownership rights, authority to use, transact and delete personal data were ascertained.

The consultation paper cites privacy principles such as notice, choice and consent, collection limitation, purpose limitation, access and correction, disclosure of information, security, openness, and accountability. These principles were a part of the recommendations made in a report on data privacy submitted to the erstwhile Planning Commission in 2012 by a Group of Experts headed by Justice AP Shah.


Through the paper, Trai has pointed towards having a mechanism for regulating and governing data controllers, and has sought views on issues such as rights and responsibilities of data controllers and whether the rights of a data controller could supersede those of an individual over his/her data.

Furthermore, the paper has also sought views on having a technology-enabled architecture to audit the use of personal data, and the consent associated with it.

By Baishakhi Dutta



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