Tektronix’s logic analyser


Tektronix has launched a logic analyser, the ‘TLA6000 series’, which can bring powerful high-end debugging capabilities and analysis to mainstream embedded systems designers.

Features and USP: The TLA6000 series can deliver performance and functional capability at a much lower price point when compared to the portable TLA5000 series models. The product can give engineers a complete tool set to help them quickly find, isolate, and debug these hard-to-isolate issues.

The analyser is also intended to meet the growing demand for more performance, from among embedded engineers. The series is available in 68, 102 and 136 digital channel configurations with 125 ps high speed timing on all channels, up to 450 MHz state timing and up to 128 MB record length. This level of performance represents a significant price-performance breakthrough. It is available globally and priced at US$ 19,800.

For further details: Tektronix (India) Ltd, Bengaluru; Toll free No: 000-800-650-1835; Email: india.mktg@tek.com; Website: www.tektronix.com


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