Solar module analyser


In April 2012, Prova launched solar module analyser Prova 210 in India.

Features and USP: Prova 210 is capable of I-V curve test, maximum solar power (Pmax) search by auto-scan (60V, 12A), and measurement of maximum voltage and maximum current at Pmax. The I-V curve can be viewed with a cursor. The analyser can also measure voltage at open circuit and current at short circuit. Additionally, it has functions like data logging to analyse solar power characteristics over a period of time, calculation of solar panel efficiency (in percentage), minimum power setting for alarm function and built-in calendar. The range for scan delay setting is 0-3000 ms, solar panel area setting 0.001-9999 sq m and standard light source setting 10-1000W/m².

For further details: Instruments and Machinery Sales Corporation, Mumbai; Ph: 022 22691733; Fax: (022) 22678864

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