Single phase thyristor modules


SanRex Power Unlimited launched single phase isolated type MKKT series thyristor modules in various shapes and size.

Features and USP: The product was launched under brand name ‘SanRexPack’ with features like heat transfer through an aluminum oxide ceramic isolated metal base plate and hard soldered joints for high reliability. These thyristor modules are available in 26 amps, 41 amps, 56 amps, 95 amps, 105 amps, 162 amps, 250 amps, 330 amps, 450 amps and 500 amps with a blocking peak inverse voltage of up to 2800. All modules are equivalent to and directly interchangeable against Eupac Germany-TT series, IR Italy- IRKT series, Semikron Germany-SKKT series, Mitsubishi Japan-R–DZ series and IXYS Germany-MCC series thyristors.

For further details: Sanrex Power Unlimited; Ph: (011) – 22450669, 9899153952;;


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