Search light


Binay Opto has launched in May 2011 PowerLED search/flood light.

Model 3618L has a life of 100,000 hours and power consumption around 65 watts. The PowerLED is shock resistant and vibration proof due to its solid state LED construction. It is housed in die-cast aluminium alloy IP55 or IP65 protection.

The PowerLED is covered in 5mm-thick tempered protective toughened glass, which is shock and impact resistant. All Power LEDs are provided with lenses to provide focused light to various angles.

This PowerLED flood light/ search light has been designed for powerful flood lighting applications (with wide beam lenses); as a high power uplighter for highlighting the exterior of building facades; as a powerful spot light/search light (with focused beam lenses).

For further details: Ph: 22429082, 22103807; Fax: (033) 22421493;,


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