Safety testers


In November 2011, GW Instek introduced GPT-9800 series safety testers that are claimed to meet safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB and JIS.

Features and USP: The series includes four safety testers—GPT-9804, GPT-9803, GPT-9802 and GPT-9801. The testers are equipped with a panel layout, a high-resolution dot-matrix LCD and colour LED indicators for measurement results. Test functions include AC withstanding (5kV AC/40mA), DC withstanding (6kV DC/10mA), insulation resistance (50V-1000V DC) and ground bond (30A AC maximum) tests.

Other features include 100 sets of memory to save panel settings, on-off terminal in the front panel, a signal input/output port in the rear panel, and RS-232C, USB and GPIB (optional) interfaces.

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