PXI digital multimeters


PXI digital multimetersIn July 2012, Geotest released GX2065—a 6.5 digit PXI digital multimeter (DMM) for high performance measurement applications.

Features and USP: The GX2065 is a full featured, multifunction DMM that offers all the capabilities associated with standard benchtop DMMs including DC voltage, AC voltage, two and four wire resistance measurements, and current measurements. Additionally, it features a 3MS/s, 16 bit, isolated input digitiser that allows users to acquire and analyse waveforms. The GX2065 is supplied with a software package that includes a virtual instrument panel and Windows 32-/64-bit driver libraries for ATEasy, LabView, LabView/Real-Time, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Linux 32/64, Delphi and Pascal.

For further details: VigVen Tech Mark Pvt Ltd; Ph: 080 23339220; sales@vigven.com; www.vigven.com

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