Power transistors


In June 2012, RF Micro Devices Inc (RFMD) launched the RFHA1025, a highly efficient 280 watt pulsed gallium nitride (GaN) RF matched power transistor.

Features and USP: The RFHA1025 delivers superior performance compared to competing silicon power technologies. These GaN matched power transistors have an extended range, with a reduced size and weight, and improved overall ruggedness in new and existing radar architectures. The RFHA1025 operates over a broad frequency range (0.96-1.2GHz) and delivers 280 watt pulsed power, high gain of >14dB, and high peak efficiency of >55 per cent. Additionally, the RFHA1025 incorporates internal matching to simplify and shrink designers’ circuits. Packaged in a hermetic, flanged ceramic package, the RFHA1025 leverages RFMD’s advanced heat sink and power dissipation technologies, delivering excellent thermal stability and conductivity.

For further details: www.rfmd.com


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