Pocket analyser


In February 2012, Power2u Technology will launch the all-in-one Bitscope pocket analyser, a unique test instrument combining a powerful mixed signal oscilloscope, protocol analyser, waveform and clock generator, spectrum analyser and data recorder in one tiny USB-powered device.

Features and USP: It offers 10 capture channels (two analogue and eight digital) with a 100 MHz analogue bandwidth, a 40 Msps logic speed and up to 12 bits analogue resolution, as well as several output channels for its signal generators, triggers and external control signals. The Bitscope pocket analyser has a fast frame-rate of up to 100 Hz that drives a digital phosphor display. It works just like a quality standalone scope. It comes with software for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

For further details: Ph: +61 431631337; Fax: +61 298254250; power2u.technology@gmail.com

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