Optical nozzle inspection microscopes


In November 2011, Kyoritsu launched its optical nozzle inspection microscopes that increase the efficiency of pick and place machines.

Features and USP: This machine can inspect the nozzle surface and detect any clogging of the solder paste inside the nozzle hole through its accurate, high resolution and high magnification camera. It also provides a bottom-lit red light that shines through the inspection turntable, further helping to detect the minute clogs in the nozzles, which are otherwise not easily visible to the naked eye. The optical nozzle inspection microscope can thus be used to check the clarity of nozzles before cleaning to enable detection of clogs, if any, as well as after cleaning of nozzles to ensure that effective cleaning has taken place.

For further details: sales@kyoritsuautomation.com; www.kyoritsuautomation.com


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