On and off timers


In June 2011, Diamond Electronics introduced the Bi stable on-and-off timer, which is used to automatically turn heat/light sources on or off during tissue culture exercises at biotech and botany research laboratories.

Features and USP: The on-and-off timer can be set for a period ranging from 1 minute to 100 hours, with switching intervals of just 1 minute. It is designed for a 10 Amp 230VAC load which can also be increased if needed. The functioning of the timer is not affected by spikes in the mains supply. It is controlled by two separate thumbwheel switches. Continuous display is shown as time lapses during on/off mode by 4 LED digits. The on and off indications are shown by two separate LEDs.

For further details: Diamond Electronics; Ph: 09829356340; jpksharma1.2010@rediffmail.com; www.diamondelectronics.info


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