Multi-port VoIP-GSM-ISDN BRI gateway


In September 2011, Matrix Comsec added the SETU VGB to its VoIP gateway portfolio. The GSM/3G-ISDN BRI gateway interfaces with an existing ISDN PBX to offer GSM/3G and IP connectivity. For an IP-based system, it provides BRI and GSM/3G trunking options. Features and USP: SETU VGB can be used to set up IP connectivity between multi-location offices to get the advantage of low cost VoIP calling between distant branches. Apart from providing IP calling to traditional PBX users, it also offers data accessibility over UMTS/ HSPA/EDGE networks. SETU VGB offers up to nine SIP accounts that can be registered either to single or multiple service providers to make VoIP calls. For further details: Matrix Comsec; Ph: 265 2630555;


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