Microchip's buck switching regulators


This May, Microchip Technology has introduced the MCP16301—the first 30 V-input, buck switching regulator with an output of 600 milliampere (mA).

Features and USP: MCP16301 features a wide input voltage range, from 4 V to 30 V, an output voltage range from 2 V to 15 V and provides up to 95 per cent efficiency. The 600 mA MCP16301 is offered in a 6 pin SOT 23 package with an integrated high side switch, and requires a minimal number of external components. It is ideal for applications in the industrial, telecommunications, consumer and automotive markets such as set top boxes, LED lighting, HVAC systems and power meters.

For further details: Microchip Technology (India) Pvt Ltd; Ph: +91-11-41608631; Fax: 51608632; www.microchip.com


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