MCUs with built-in capacitive touch interfaces


In June 2012, Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL) launched the MBB95850, MBB95860 and MBB95870 series of MCUs with a dual flash built-in capacitive touch interface.

Features and USP: This series includes two 24 pin MB95856 series equipped with high sensitivity capacitive touch interface, one 32 pin MB95866 series and two 48/52 pin MB95876 series.

Based on the 8 bit microcontroller F2MC-New8FX family, this series uses APIS (Adjacent Pattern Interference Suppression) and AIC (Configurable Automatic Impedance Calibration) touch technology, which enable touch MCUs to accurately identify touch input at various temperatures and levels of humidity, and under different, complex working conditions. The built-in capacitive touch peripheral unit makes the capacitive touch function as easy to use as other common peripherals.

For further details: Ph: 91 11 3044 6814;

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