LED lamp


In July 2012, Cree introduced the XLamp XP-G2 LED to offer luminaire manufacturers up to 20 per cent more lumens per watt.

Features and USP: The brighter, more efficient XP-G2 LED provides customers an immediate boost in performance and enables manufacturers to use fewer LEDs to get the same brightness at a lower cost; or to increase brightness levels using the same LED count and power. Characterised and binned at 85°C, the new XP-G2 LED leverages the same footprint (3.45 mm x 3.45 mm) and is compatible optically with the original XP-G LED, providing ready performance enhancements to shorten the LED fixture design cycle and improve the customers’ time to market. The XP-G2 LED can enable a broad range of high lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor, as well as portable and lamp retrofits.

For further details: Cree HK Ltd, Ph: +91 9811800940; shyam_mishra@cree.com; www.cree.com

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