LED flood light


In July 2012, GlacialLight expanded its range of high quality LED lighting products with the GL-FD12, a 13W DC input LED flood light.

Features and USP: The bright and pleasant illumination of GL-FD12 is great for all indoor and outdoor retail, commercial, and industrial external lighting applications. Compared to older flood lighting technologies, the GL-FD12 offers greatly reduced power costs, long life, and low heat.

Making the most out the latest LED technology, GL-FD12 converts electricity into light with unbeatable efficiency. As a result, compared to equivalent mercury flood lights, these LED flood lights consume far less power, with a luminous efficacy of up to 57 lumens per watt. Additionally, the GL-FD12 has an extremely long life span of 30,000 hours.

For further details: Suhas Kalekar, Lotus Insulation Services; Ph:09822793950; kalekarsm@gmail.com; sales@lotusin.co.in

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