LED drivers with SDC technology


In June 2012, NXP Semiconductors launched the SSL21101, featuring Smart Digital Control (SDC) technology.

Features and USP: Incorporating intelligent digital control within a compact analogue design, the SSL21101 delivers better, more accurate system performance while reducing the bill of materials, providing an ideal solution for non-dimmable, high performance LED applications of up to 15 W. The SDC has two modes—a high power factor mode with a rating of more than 0.95 PF and less than 20 per cent total harmonic distortion, and the low ripple mode with less than 1 per cent LED current ripple. These features enable compact designs and the use of small sized electrolytic capacitors.

For further details: Ph: +91 080 40240000; Fax: +91 080 40247000; www.nxp.com

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