LED bay lights


In September 2011, GlacialLight launched the GL-BL110 LED retail and industrial light.

Features and USP: The high efficiency 433.7 mm 110 W bay light —GL-BL110—floods indoor spaces with bright natural light, but comes with low energy and maintenance costs. It features Philips Lumileds LEDs. The GL-BL110’s wide angle 30œ/60œ beam provides 6000 K of bright natural daylight illumination (GL-BL-110 CW) with a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 75. This light source accepts a wide range of indoor power sources, from AC 100 V to 277 V, and operates in temperatures from -20 degree celsius to up to 40 degree celsius.

For further details: GlacialTech; Lotus Insulation Services; Ph: 09822793950; kalekarsm@gmail.com; sales@lotusin.co.in

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