LED aviation obstruction lights


In February 2012, Binay Opto introduced the MIA-DX-40KCD-W LED aviation obstruction light.

Features and USP: The flashing white light is designed to meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) requirements for medium intensity Type A aviation obstruction lights. It utilises a light source consisting of multiple stacks of high intensity power LEDs mounted on reflector modules, configured to provide wide angle dispersion. There is a facility to change over to the lower intensity requirement of ICAO’s Type A during the night. A GPS facility can be incorporated for synchronised flashing of all such aviation lights on a structure. The body and base of the model is made with the LM-6

aluminium-silicon alloy and is designed to IP65 standards. The large-diameter aluminium top acts as heat sink.

For further details: Ph: (033) 22429082, 22103807; Fax: (033) 22421493; info@binayled.com, binay@vsnl.com

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