IC testers


In July 2011, Minmax introduced its new universal IC tester MME-UT 20 for components testing and LCR measurement.

Features and USP: MME-UT 20 can test digital ICs (TTL and CMOS), analogue and linear ICs, diodes, transistors, FETs, SCRs, etc. It has the facility to measure inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R). It has a 40×2 backlit LCD display, a 24 key membrane keypad, a 20 pin ZIF socket for IC testing, and a components holder for testing/measuring components. It is a table-top equipment operating from 230 V AC. The enclosure is powder coated and the front plate is laser engraved.

For further details: Minmax Electronics; Ph: 080-25353085; minmax@vsnl.com; www.minmax.co.in

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