Home UPS


In April 2011, Su-Kam introduced the Micron home UPS system, a power house performer which can be used to serve the needs of shops or households.

Features and USP: The Micron home UPS system is lightweight, portable and a great power saver. Its automatic low battery protection feature safeguards the battery from deep discharge. It has an auto alarm reset feature which alerts users in case there is an overload or short circuit. The Micron is based on the world’s most advanced microcontroller digital technology which improves the efficiency of the system. Through Su-Kam’s patented Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) technology, the battery life is improved and regulated. It is priced at Rs 2400.

For further details: Su-Kam Power Systems Pvt Ltd; Ph: +91-124-4170500; Fax: +91-124-4038702,4038700; info@su-kam.com; www.su-kam.com

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