High voltage insulation tester


In November 2011, Minoo Impex launched high voltage insulation tester in their Metrix+Brand family under the name Metrix+ DIT 3125. Features and USP: This insulation tester is capable of measuring upto 5 kV range with high accuracy. The instrument is rugged and a jumbo backlit LCD display enables reading of measurement in dark places. The main features of the tester include auto discharge function, live circuit warning symbols with audio sound, low voltage indication. Measurement data can be downloaded to PC via USB interface USB data cable. This megohmmeter of high resistance meter is widely used in many industries for measuring generators, power supplies, transformers, wiring, electrical appliances and electrical devices such as control signals, communication and power supply cables for insulation resistance for routine maintenance. For further details: Ph: 033 22309888, metrixinstrument@gmail.com, minooimpex41@vsnl.net


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