High powered LED drivers


In March 2012, Mornsun launched a new LED driver series, the KC24H-R.

Features and USP: This is a high powered step down constant current LED driver source. Its key features include: High efficiency up to 95 per cent; a wide range input of 5.5-46 VDC; low ripple and noise (<100mV); PWM dimming and analogue dimming, continuous short circuit protection; large capacitive loads (1000μF), etc. The KC24H-R can be widely used in backlight and 12 V, 24 V or 36 V automotive lighting, landscape lighting, special lighting controls, commercial lighting, street lighting and home lighting systems.

For further details: Cherry Jiang, Ph: 86 20 38601850 610; sales804@mornsun.cn; www.mornsun-power.com


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