High performance UPS systems


In May 2012, Delta Electronics rolled out its Ultron Series of UPS systems for Taiwan and South East Asia.

Features and USP: The Ultron Series is a double conversion and IGBT rectifier three phase UPS system. It has a state of the art triple level inverter (TLI) and three phase power factor correction (PFC) topology. The Ultron Series features special designs in the areas of battery management, fan speed control and ease of maintenance. Apart from a small footprint, high efficiency and low cost, the product is also transformer less. In addition, Delta offers an optional in-built isolated transformer model for when galvanic isolation is needed.

For further details: Ankita.Chowdhury; +91 9999992084; Ankita.Chowdhury@delta.co.in; www.deltaelectronicsindia.com

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