High intensity aviation lights


In April 2012, Binay Opto launched its PowerLED based high intensity Type A aviation obstruction lights.

Features and USP: This product replaces the existing conventional xenon flash tube based lights, which have the disadvantage of a very rapid light depreciation rate of within two to three years of operation. Manufacturers of xenon based lights recommend the replacement of the flash tube every two years to avoid light intensity depreciating below the minimum ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) requirement. This entails expensive and hazardous maintenance activities at the extreme heights (150m and higher) at which these lights are installed. The danger and risk involved in this maintenance procedure is amplified, as these xenon tubes operate at voltages greater than 1 KV, thus requiring extreme care by maintenance personnel during replacement.

For further details: Binay Opto Electronics Pvt Ltd, Ph: 033 22429082, 22103807; Fax: 033 22421493; info@binayled.com; www.binayled.com

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