High frequency UPS systems


Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd launched a new series of UPS systems called the Sinclair i Series in May 2011. Mostly known as high frequency UPS systems, Su-Kam terms this range as ‘Triple Conversion Online UPS Systems’. This series provides safe and break-free power for devices with very high efficiency and built-in batteries.

Features and USP: This series is capable of providing a power factor very near to unity at input and output. It is highly efficient in both mains and battery mode, with an extra wide input voltage window, noiseless operation, high-inrush current handling capacity, multiple protection features to ensure load safety, and a user friendly LCD display.

Applications: This online UPS system can be used for a variety of applications, where reliable power backup plays an important role. These include PCs, workstations, computer labs, security equipment, fax machines, ATM machines, data centres, etc.

Price: Rs 15,000 and upwards.

For further details: Ph: 0124-4170500; fax: 0124-4038700; info@su-kam.com

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