Government offer 30 per cent subsidy for solar lanterns and home lights

The Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, informed
in the Lok Sabha that under the Off-grid Solar Applications Scheme of
JNNSM, the Ministry is providing subsidy of 30% of the benchmark cost
(Rs. 270/- per watt peak) of the solar photovoltaic (SPV) systems
subject to a maximum of Rs.81/- per watt peak for distribution/
installation of solar lanterns and home lights and Rs.57/- per watt peak
for SPV water pumping systems to individuals in the country including

The Ministry is also providing subsidy of 40% of the capital cost
limited to Rs.108/- per watt peak for installing solar lanterns, home
lights and small capacity PV plants upto 210 Watt peak by individuals
through NABARD, Regional Rural Banks and other Commercial Banks. For
balance 60% of the cost, the banks extend credit facility to the
beneficiary at usual commercial rates. 




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