Four channel oscilloscopes


In April 2012, Agilent Technologies introduced real time oscilloscopes in its 90000 Q-Series with 63 GHz true analogue bandwidth.

Features and USP: The new lineup includes 10 four channel models ranging from 20 GHz to 63 GHz, all of which are bandwidth upgradeable. These new scopes deliver the lowest noise and have the lowest jitter measurement floor in the oscilloscope industry, ensuring superior measurement accuracy.

At its maximum bandwidth, the Q-Series breaks the 60 GHz barrier, with a -3 dB point of 63 GHz. The 33 GHz model allows engineers to simultaneously trigger on and capture signals on all four channels with no compromise. These two specifications allow the oscilloscopes to make measurements on devices designed to conform to emerging standards.

For further details: Agilent Technologies India; Ph: 011 4627134;


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