Flame spray wire gun


In February 2011, Metallizing Export Company introduced a flame spray wire gun that can feed ferrous and non-ferrous wires of 2.00 mm, 3.17 mm, 4.0 mm and 4.76 mm diameters.

Features and USP: The combustion gases used are oxygen and fuel gas (acetylene, LPG, propane or hydrogen). The wire feeding mechanism is driven by compressed air. The design is compatible with prevailing national and international models, and thus, a majority of spares are interchangeable. Standard accessories like the air control unit, gas regulator, gas flow meter, air flow meter, high pressure hose kit, wire stand, operator safety wears, etc, are also provided to complete the installation setup.

For further details: Metallizing Export Company; Ph: 0291-2741011; sales@mecspray.com; www.mecspray.com


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