Evaluation modules


In June 2011, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced harsh environment acquisition terminal (HEAT) evaluation modules (EVM), which the company claims to be the first high temperature data acquisition system. It also includes a complete set of TI’s signal chain components qualified for operations in extreme temperatures ranging from -55ºC to 210ºC.

Features and USP: The HEAT EVM is test-oven ready and qualified to operate for up to 200 hours at oven temperatures of up to 200ºC. It accepts eight channels of analogue data and conditions, digitises and processes these signals for a variety of applications in rugged, high temperature environments including downhole drilling, jet engines and heavy industrial applications.

The HEAT EVM eliminates the need for expensive up screening and qualification testing of industrial grade components for temperature ranges outside their datasheet specifications.

For further details: Texas Instruments; Ph: +91-80-41381665, +1-800-425-7888 (toll free); tiasia@ti.com; www.ti.com


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