Embedded controller


In March 2012, National Instruments (NI) launched the NI PXIe-8115 high performance embedded controller featuring the latest dual core second generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Features and USP: The NI PXIe-8115 controller features a rich set of peripheral I/O ports with six industry-leading USB 2.0 ports. These onboard peripheral ports minimise the need for external peripheral adapters and help engineers build cost effective hybrid systems. To improve serviceability and minimise downtime, the NI PXIe-8115 embedded controller features In-ROM and hard drive diagnostics to determine the controller’s health. By combining the controller with NI LabVIEW system design software, engineers get efficiency in a variety of test, measurement and control applications.

For further details: Ph: 080 41190000; ni.india@ni.com

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