Electromagnetic flowmeters


electromagnetic flowmetersIn April 2012, Flowtech Instruments Services launched a new electromagnetic flowmeter.

Features and USP: It helps measure the flow of electrically conductive liquids in closed pipelines where the magnetic flux permeates the entire cross sectional area of the liquid flow. It measures the electromotive force to determine liquid velocity using Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction and compute the flow rate using the equation of conductivity. It operates with electrically conductive liquids having minimum conductivity of 5 micro Siemens/cm and is relatively immune to the effects of the temperature, pressure, viscosity and density of the flowing liquid.

For further details: Ph: 0265 6508171; Fax: 0265 2636795; flowtechinstruments@yahoo.com, flowtechad1@sancharnet.in; www.flowtechinstruments.com


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